What is Oxygen Absorber?

What Is Oxygen Absorber?

Oxygen Absorbers, also named oxygen scavengers, are chemical mixtures packed in the form of sachets or packets in a plastic film. The chemical ingredient has a chemical reaction with oxygen molecules to form an oxidized compound, removing free-forms of oxygen molecules from the surrounding environment. The chemical mixture in Ohunter oxygen absorber sachets has an active ingredient of iron powder (Fe) in most formulas. Alternative Ohunter absorbers have an active ingredient of Vitamin C.

As a new material for food preservation,oxygen absorber extends the shelf life of all packaged foods by removing up to 99.9% of O2 from sealed,airtight packages.No harmful gases are emitted from the Ohunter sachets. It will not alter the smell or taste of the product they are packaged with. They are safe to use in the food industries.